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Frequently Asked Questions




  • Watermark.  The watermark you see in the gallery will not be printed on your images.


  • Choosing Pictures.  When you find your dancer's picture, click the star at the bottom.  It will add the picture to your "favorites" and help make it easier to review them when you order, as well as when you log back into the website using the same email address.  Your favorites can then be seen separately from all the other pictures by clicking on the Star titled Favorites at the top of the screen.


  • Photo Editing.  The pictures in the gallery have not been edited.  Things like holes in stockings and scuff marks on floors will be removed prior to printing.  


  • Delivery.  Pictures will be delivered to The Dance Warehouse.  The average wait time is two weeks.  Watch your email for notices of delivery.  Pictures will be edited and printed in the order that they are received.  


  • Order Notes.  Upon checkout, there will be an opportunity to leave a note for me about your order, including any color recommendations you'd like for your collage.  


  • Package orders.  Each package includes one pose.  Packages include 1-8x10, 2-5x7s and 8 wallet sized images.  Just choose the image you'd like to purchase and add it in your cart using the "First Pose Pkg" option.  Your cart will reflect a $35 charge for the first package.  You'll note that the second and third packages are available at a reduced rates.  In order not to delay your order, please be sure not to place a "Second Package Pose" or "Third Package Pose" in your cart until after adding the "First Package Pose".  


  • Available Products.  Click HERE for a list of products available.  Additionally, while placing orders in your cart, you can click on the "Description" available for each item which includes a picture of the product.  Additionally, while placing items in your cart, you'll notice 7 tabs which allow you to move between types of products (i.e. prints, statues, collages, ornate metal wall hangings, etc.)


  • Collages.   You will have an opportunity to review your wall art before I send it to the printer.  I will contact you by email when your design is complete.  Please feel free to leave background color and design requests in the "notes" section upon checkout.  You can also contact me by email at  If you don't leave a note or send an email, I'll contact you when I get to your order.  


  • Siblings.  You are more than welcome to order collages using pictures from different dance numbers, as well as adding more than one sibling to your collage.  


  • Collage Orders.  In addition to the image you use when adding a collage to your cart, there are five additional items available under the Collage Tab (Second Collage Item, Third Collage Item, etc.)  that you can use to add the remaining collage items to your cart without any additional charges for adding them.  However, if you find it too confusing, don't stress.  Just place the collage in your cart and check out and I will contact you to discuss your purchase and make sure that your collage includes the images you want.


  • In-Person Ordering.  If you'd prefer order your pictures in an in-person ordering session, please call me at (239)770-7674.  I will be at the Friday dress rehearsal, taking orders in the lobby.  You can also schedule an appointment to meet with me in person.


  • Ordering Help.   Please click HERE to watch a short video showing you how to order from the Shootproof website.  Or, give me a call at (239) 770-7674.  If I'm with a client and unable to take your call, leave a message and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.


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